Geplaatst op 26 januari 2018 door Lars Smith

Wedstrijdverslag RCG 1 – AAC Rugby 1

It was one of the most beautiful and clear winter days we had on the rugby club in some years. In this alluring delicate sun, we would overcome the curse of AAC, we would finally win against them, with our new game plan and new tactics it would still be hard but we knew we could achieve victory.
This is how I would start my summary if this would have been the case, sadly it wasn’t.
In the beginning, it was a gruesomely hard but stunningly beautiful match where both sides where testing each other’s defences and nerves. Right from the start, Groningen was on top of their game, using strategy in the way it should be used, the plays where clear and the ball handling true. Forwards and backs doing their jobs. Putting the scrum of AAC under pressure and using explosive speed and strength to break through the AAC-lines of defence. After two fast try’s we believed in our triumph (10-0). This was also the time that AAC realized that they had met a worthy opponent in the northern real of the Netherlands. They had to step up their attacks and strengthen their defence if they wanted to return to the capital with points in their pockets (10-5). This awakening resulted in vicious charges by their forwards which caught our cheerful fly-half off guard resulting in an injury to the mind from which he could not recover during the match. While he was carried off the field the faces of the men of the north hardened and they were truly ready for battle. This fury was however not organized which resulted in a try and conversion of AAC who made use of the gaps in our outer defence (10-12). The captain of the northerners regrouped his men and made them ready to turn the tide.
In the beginning of second half, Groningen looked and was ready to change the fate of the game. After a brilliant catch by the older lock, he made a run for the try line of AAC breaking through their line and using his admirable experience he had set Groningen up within 5 meters of the try line. This eventually resulted in a converted try for Groningen (17-12). After this try, the organized defence of Groningen made it hard for AAC to score a try so they made use of a penalty to score 3 points (17-15). On this beautiful bright day, a fog came into to the minds of the Groningen men. Which spread confusion and miscommunication. Using this turmoil AAC succeeded to score a converted try (17-22). The victory was slipping through the fingers of the home team, yet the fight was not over. Recovering our strength the Groningers set up a last all-out offensive. Resulting in a penalty in front of the opponents posts (20-22). The victory was still possible although time was against us. In the last seconds of the game we had one more chance at victory, sadly we were not strong enough to break the AAC curse. Resulting in near defeat (20-22). It could have gone either way and next time it will be ours.
by: Niels Heegstra
AAC Rugby 1