Geplaatst op 26 november 2016 door Jan van Dehn

Wedstrijdverslag Colts Pickwick Panthers – RCG

Combi Pickwick Panthers — RCG Colts, 26 November 2016

I awoke with a start at nine minutes after seven, the opening bars of Baba O’Riley by The Who jolting me from my rest. I got up and had a light breakfast of leftover turkey while texting my friends in California. After eating I rechecked my bag for the day that I had packed the night before and got dressed to leave.
The wait for the bus was cold and foggy but it looked like it would turn into a beautiful clear cold day. The bus was quiet and quickly got me to the station from which I walked to the park, a foggy but enjoyable walk.

In the car with Simon I listened to Bob Dylan and tried to calm the butterflies of the upcoming match in my stomach, while responding to emails I’d received weeks before. The drive was long but it seemed like no time at all when we arrived at the field. Walking from the parking lot I was struck by just how cold it was (a quick check of my phone said 35F/1.5C) and I knew I was going to be very thankful for my long sleeve undershirt.

The warm up was standard and fast, then the game started, rather suddenly for me. The game seemed fairly evenly matched for the first few minutes until the other team’s wing was able to score a try pretty early on. I knew that I’d have to be closer to him and not let it become a running game against him after that because he was clearly faster than me.
The game continued, seeming fairly evenly matched through the half, even with us playing a man less. Into the second half it became clear that we were not in control of the field. Not that the Pickwick Panthers were in control, but they had better control during possession of the ball (mostly just running with it, and it taking four or five guys to stop one of them), and better recovery of the ball from when we had possession.

The high point of the game for me was the point when I tackled one of the other teams larger players while he was running with the ball. Just getting to run into someone and bring them down while using my weight to off balance him enough to send us both rolling was a very enjoyable moment in an otherwise somewhat disappointing game.
All in all, we did not have a large part of our team present and the Pickwick Panthers had a good day on the field. I hope that we can prove the outcome of the game to be an anomaly the next time we face them.

Austin Brewin
Combi Pickwick Panthers — RCG Colts: 36 — 07

Man of the match: Jesse Wiers

Pickwick Panthers